Russia won’t sign up to Kyoto refresher

Russia has confirmed it will not sign up to extended greenhouse gas targets in the UN’s Kyoto Protocol because it considers such a move “ineffective” according to its Foreign Ministry. A Foreign Ministry’s spokesman said yesterday the climate regime must be “truly universal”. Russia joins Canada and Japan in failing to adopt emissions targets beyond […]

Economic recovery drove rise in EU greenhouse gases

EU greenhouse gas emissions were pushed up by the economic recovery and a cold winter in 2010, according to new figures. As many European countries emerged from the 2009 recession, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased by 2.4 % or 111 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The UK, Germany and Poland together accounted for more than half […]

Climate deal collapse as Canada cuts loose

Canada announced last night that it was withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol. The news will put more strain on the already problematic treaty, which was slated during the recent COP17 summit in Durban for being legally weak. Canadian Environment Minister, Peter Kent announced the news to reporters, as Canada became the first country to formally […]

International climate change agreement reached

An international climate agreement was agreed this weekend at COP17 in Durban. The deal brings together, for the first time, all major emitters into international efforts to limit global warming. However, many are still critical as the deal’s not likely until 2015. Governments, which included 35 industrialised countries, agreed a second commitment period of the […]

Divisions cause stalemates in Durban

There have been clear signals at COP 17 in Durban that the Kyoto Protocol will not continue under its current guise. However, according to International Lawyers Norton Rose, there is a clear desire by many of the attendees for a new agreement to be outlined. On recent reports that some nations were planning to withdraw, […]

Huhne defends UK stance in Kyoto climate timetable

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has defended the UK’s stance on climate change after suggestions that along with other Kyoto Protocol nations it has given up on setting new emissions targets until 2016. Next week sees the start of global climate talks in Durban. Countries signed up to the existing Kyoto agreement, which expires in 2012, […]

Russia will ‘never’ sign second Kyoto Protocol

Russia will “never” sign up to an extended Kyoto Protocol, according to the environment head of its Foreign Ministry. Oleg Shamanov at the Foreign Ministry said: “We will never sign Kyoto 2 because it would not cover every country,” reported The Moscow Times. His comments come ahead of the Durban summit where heads of state […]