EU agrees new labels for tyres to boost fuel savings and cut emissions

Tyres contribute to as much as 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption

EU adopts new energy efficiency labels for home appliances

The move is expected to reduce energy consumption and help consumers save money

New EU fuel labelling informs drivers on environmental impact

They will include information on the maximum biofuel content in the fuels

First UK renewable energy labels issued

A renewable utility firm has issued 500 companies with the UK’s first energy labels detailing the source and carbon content of the electricity they buy. SmartestEnergy hopes the move will boost the renewables industry and provide increased confidence and transparency to business customers. The labels trace every megawatt used to its source of origin, allowing companies […]

Climate change labels “confuse” the debate

Labels such as “sceptic” “denier” and “alarmist” confuse the climate change debate. New research suggests scientists and academics need to pay more attention to how they use labels and their choice of language in order to have a “constructive” debate. Co-author and Senior Research Fellow Candice Howarth from Anglia Ruskin University told ELN: “The labels […]

Outdoor clothing brand styles togs with eco-label

Swedish clothing company Haglöfs is putting eco-labels on two thirds of its togs this Autumn to spotlight its sustainability goals. The maker of wet weather gear says more than 60% of its Autumn/Winter collection will carry a Take Care symbol when they reach the stores. It says the goal is for this number to “gradually […]

Car owners would avoid fuel guzzlers “if they knew lifetime fuel costs”

The United States is known for its highways chock full of gas-guzzling jeeps. But this wouldn’t necessarily be the case if car dealers showed the long-term fuel costs on labels next to vehicles on sale. Research from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business in North Carolina suggests more people would go for fuel efficient rides […]