UK’s protected peatlands being hit by illegal fires, finds new report

An investigation by Greenpeace suggests more than 250 fires took place over six months despite the new ban

Environment Act passed to crack down on water and air pollution

The act will also look to cut waste, protect biodiversity and increase recycling rates

‘Biodiversity decline by 2030 can still be stopped’

Five UK nature agencies have released a joint report calling for nature recovery to be considered just as important as net zero strategy

Government announces £16m peatland restoration funding

The grants will see thousands of hectares of peatland being restored

Natural England launches new tools to measure biodiversity net gain of developments

The Biodiversity Metric 3.0 will provide a way of measuring and accounting for nature losses and gains resulting from development or changes in land management

Government criticised over ‘toothless’ biodiversity strategy

EAC says biodiversity loss is not being treated with the same urgency and ambition as climate change

Offshore wind projects ‘must leave nature in a better state than they found it’

Natural England, the government’s adviser for the environment in England has published its new approach to offshore wind development

Dormice to get protection!

Task force set up to protect endangered species such as dormice, restoring habitats in the process

Government opens £40m Green Recovery Challenge Fund

Funding will be provided for environmental charities and their partners to work on projects across England to restore nature and tackle climate change

Wessex Water pays £35k for sewage spill at Dorset nature reserve

The Environment Agency said the pollution had a ‘severe impact’ on aquatic invertebrates over a distance of around 100 metres, which deteriorated water quality