Nissan to sell EV battery unit to Chinese firm

The Japanese company intends to focus on developing electric vehicles

Nissan admits car emissions data falsified in Japan

The company said a ‘full and comprehensive’ investigation is underway

Nissan’s solar and battery storage system hits UK market

The automotive and technology firm says the offering could save customers up to 66% on their energy bills

Nissan announces ‘hundreds’ of job losses in UK

The move will affect its Sunderland factory where the firm employs 7,000 people

Nissan aims to sell a million EVs a year by 2022

It aims to launch eight new electric vehicles, including four models for China

Nissan finishes UK battery plant

Nissan and a number of project partners have completed the development of a new battery manufacturing process in Sunderland. The plant will now begin production of high density 40kWh battery cells for both electric vehicle and stationary energy storage systems. The High Energy Density Battery (HEDB) project, which also features Zero Carbon Futures, Hyperdrive Innovation […]

Nissan targets 1,000 vehicle-to-grid installations

Nissan has announced the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) demonstrator project it’s leading, which received £9.8 million in government funding, aims to target 1,000 installations across the UK. The technology and car company says the chargers will collect data to understand the technical characteristics of vehicle to grid charging and see what pressure this places on both the […]

Nissan unveils solar storage offering

Nissan has announced a combined solar panel and energy storage system for UK households to slash their carbon footprint and reduce energy bills by as much as 66%. The carmaker and technology firm says it aims to make domestic renewable energy usage simpler and more affordable for UK residents by allowing them to store excess […]

Nissan gives energy access electric boost

Nissan has announced three new projects to improve energy access, boost low carbon mobility and help disaster relief efforts. The carmaker says it aims to use electric batteries to create a cleaner, safer, fairer future for the 1.3 billion people around the world living in communities where power generation and access to electricity is heavily […]

Nissan launches long range LEAF

Nissan has launched a longer-range version of its best-selling electric vehicle (EV). The new Nissan LEAF is claimed to be the world’s most advanced mass-market EV. It has a driving range of 378km on a single charge, almost 50% more than its predecessor. Other updates include a one-pedal driving mode for both accelerating and braking […]