UK braces for blackouts amid power cable concerns

Experts have warned that attack on undersea power cables could cause widespread economic losses, isolation of communities and potential civil unrest

Denmark invites Nord Stream operator to salvage object near pipeline

The object found near the pipeline has been assessed as not posing an immediate safety risk, but the nature of the object needs clarification, according to the authorities

Nord Stream blasts were sabotage, says Swedish prosecutor

Authorities have said traces of explosives have been found on several of the objects collected for the investigation

Vladimir Putin: Russia could resume gas supplies to EU through Nord Stream 2

Putin has said Russia has no responsibility for the skyrocketing global energy prices

Germany launches investigation into Nord Stream blasts

German federal prosecutors said they had opened an investigation against “unknown persons”

Britain sends warships to protect North Sea underwater oil and gas pipelines

Two ships have been deployed amid fears that pipelines face a risk of further attacks

Britain sends Royal Navy frigate to North Sea after Nord Stream blasts

UK’s Ministry of Defence has condemned the “reckless sabotage” in the Baltic Sea

Nord Stream leaks touted the ‘largest ever’ methane release

The climate effect of the leaks is equivalent to 32% of Denmark’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, according to a report

‘We will protect energy supply after Nord Stream damage,’ says British Ambassador

He has called the damage “utterly unacceptable”

Nord Stream blasts were sabotage, says NATO

The security alliance of 30 countries has said any “deliberate attack” would be met with a “united” and “determined” response