‘OPEC+ considers extension of oil cuts’

Saudi Arabia is reportedly leaning toward extending its one million barrel per day oil production cut into the next year in response to declining oil prices

Fossil fuels set to peak by 2030

The International Energy Agency’s report contrasts with OPEC’s view, marking the first time peaks in oil, natural gas, and coal demand are visible this decade

OPEC+ production freeze stirs global inflation fears

Experts have warned that OPEC+ holding oil production at nine million barrels a day, coupled with Saudi Arabia’s one million barrel cut could fuel global inflation

Global oil demand growth to stall by 2028, says IEA

The IEA has predicted a significant slowdown in global oil demand growth in the coming years, driven by rising concerns over high prices and energy security

Oil prices surge as Saudi Arabia commits to output reductions

Oil prices have experienced a notable increase following Saudi Arabia’s announcement of cutting one million barrels per day in July

OPEC+ production cut sparks oil price surge

The announcement of the production cut of one million barrels per day caused the oil price to surge and shares of energy giants to rise by 4%

OPEC+ oil cuts deepen energy crisis

Several major oil-exporting nations, including Saudi Arabia and Iraq, have announced surprise production cuts as the world continues to grapple with an ongoing energy crisis

Petrol-diesel gap now at record 20p

Experts say the wholesale price for diesel has skyrocketed after OPEC’s decision to cut oil production

OPEC+ decision will drive energy prices up, say analysts

The organisation has announced it will cut oil output by two million barrels a day

OPEC+ considering oil cut of 1m barrels a day

This is to combat inflation and stabilise the price of oil