US invests $20m to advance perovskite solar energy technologies

The funding aims to investigate how perovskite solar cells can have high performance and low production costs

UK researchers awarded £6m to drive next-gen solar tech

The organic and perovskite solar cells are critical to advances such as zero carbon buildings and vehicles as well as the Internet of Things

Forget that morning coffee… your solar panels need it more than you do

Scientists suggest caffeine can boost the efficiency and stability of an alternative type of solar cells

Solar gets squeeky with polystyrene power-up

Sleek solar panels could soon be made of a slightly less sparkly substance – polystyrene. That’s according to researchers from the University of Manchester, who say swapping expensive polymers for polystyrene particles could make new types of solar cells more stable and slash the total cost of manufacturing each unit. The scientists behind the discovery […]

Oxford firm raises £8.7m for solar project

An Oxford solar firm has raised an equity investment of £8.7 million in the first stage of a funding round. Oxford PV, founded in 2010, says it has raised a total of £21.3 million in 18 months and expects further investment before the end of the year. It will use the money to develop perovskite technology, […]

Spray-on solar panels created at Sheffield

Spray tans may not be the only aerosol-based preparation for a stint in the sun – as scientists have developed spray-on solar panels. This means solar energy harvesting films could be sprayed onto surfaces like car roofs or the glass windows of buildings. Researchers at University of Sheffield made solar cells out of a material called […]