Energy Assets’ AI tech gives energy managers an extra set of eyes

I spoke with George Catto, Client Services Director for AMR DNA, about what Energy Assets AMR DNA, powered by kWIQly, machine learning technology is capable of – listen to the full podcast to find out more

Gas outlook to brighten in August while electricity prices remain acute

Gas supply challenges look more settled as we approach August, but the challenges faced by renewable power generation and the need to offset fluctuations with on-demand supplies put an upward pressure on electricity supply costs

Future optimism on energy supply and prices, while costs of a transition bears down on energy buyers for now

In this week’s European energy market podcast we talk to Alfa’s Dr Puskarova about renewable energy cost increases, a single European market for energy, and why prices will remain high for the time being

Significant moves in energy prices

As prices make a significant hike, Jason Durden Head of Energy Markets and Risk Management at Alfa explains why and what to expect, particularly since supplies are seemingly comfortable.

UK Emissions Trading System Auction Sees Significant Premium to EU ETS – What does that mean for energy prices?

Yes, the week of the first auction for the UK Emissions Trading System sees it trading at a significant premium to the EU ETS. Discover what this means for UK energy buyers and listen to the Alfa Energy Group Resonance Podcast.

Is the 2025 gas boiler ban target achievable for the UK?

Nathan James Van Gambling, Plumbing Heating Lecturer and Training Specialist, spoke to ELN about the feasibility of a UK-wide ban on boilers

Carbon doubles and electricity end users prices impacted

You may be wondering why electricity prices are so high and what the future might hold.

Carbon volatility drives energy prices across Europe, but is there opportunity for energy users on flexible contracts?

For European energy commodity markets and the impact on business end user energy prices, carbon markets are lively! Is it a bullish market, carbon surrender compliance, or a combination of these factors?

Volatile gas markets mean anything but business as usual for energy prices

Is this the first £100 winter forward in view of current market dynamics?

Supply is set to increase, but will a cooler start to summer cause an upward trend in prices?

Our latest European Market podcast on electricity and gas commodity prices sees global oil production set to increase, and LNG is making strides thanks to a new terminal in Croatia, but will pricing and demand level off? If the cold temperatures continue, that may not be the case, and policymakers need to take heed.