Flexible power grid ‘could save £8bn by 2030’

Consumers could see savings worth up to £90 per household – or up to £8 billion in total – by 2030 if the UK developed a smarter and more flexible power system. That must also be done to decarbonise the energy system and accommodate growth in wind and solar power, according to a new report. […]

UK plans to decarbonise heat ‘will cost £12k per household’

The previous government’s plan to decarbonise heating by fitting electric heat pumps in most homes by 2050 would cost around £300 billion. That’s according to a report by think tank Policy Exchange which believes the plan is a “colossal waste of money”. It could cost £12,000 per household as a result of the installation costing more […]

Diesel drivers ‘should pay up to £800 more in road tax’

A pollution tax of up to £800 should be put on sales on new diesel cars to clean up the air. That’s the suggestion of think tank Policy Exchange, which believes that could help generate £500 million a year of additional revenue. It says the money could be used to fund a new diesel car scrappage scheme […]

Should energy efficient homes pay lower stamp duty?

The stamp duty paid on homes that are energy efficient should be up to £2,500 less than those that aren’t. That’s the suggestion of thinktank Policy Exchange, which believes the change to stamp duty could lead to 270,000 households a year improving their energy efficiency. It proposes linking the stamp duty system to the energy […]

Government slammed for ‘reckless’ spending on green energy

The UK Government has been accused of being “reckless and wasteful” in spending consumers’ money on green energy and climate subsidies. Think tank Policy Exchange is calling on policymakers to prioritise affordability “as they have for too long, failed to strike the right balance between energy affordability and decarbonising the economy”. Its new report argues […]

‘Businesses accept changing climate is caused by their emissions’

Businesses in general accept the climate is changing and that greenhouse gas emissions caused by them is the main factor. That’s according to Jonathan Grant (pictured, right), Director – Carbon Markets & Climate Policy at PwC, who told a panel of MPs that firms believe the “big questions” on climate change have been answered by […]

Ever wondered how much energy your neighbour uses?

Have you ever wondered how energy efficient your neighbour is or how much they spend on their energy bills? Well, a new report claims householders could cut their gas and electricity bills by as much as £70 a year if they could compare each other’s energy bills. Think tank Policy Exchange claims there is “evidence” […]

Offshore wind could boost GDP by “huge” 0.6%

Economists say offshore wind could boost the UK’s gross domestic product (GDP) by a huge 0.6% and create nearly 175,000 jobs by 2030. In the short term offshore wind could boost GDP by 0.2% in the next three years. That’s according to a new report from the independent Centre for Economic & Business Research (CEBR) […]

More gas “could free up cash to cut carbon”

Building more gas plants instead of offshore wind could free up hundreds of millions of pounds a year to help cut emissions, push insulation measures in the home and prop up low carbon research, it was claimed today. The claim comes from leading think tank Policy Exchange, which says a “more balanced approach” to electricity […]

Criticism of Government’s renewable policies kicks up a stink

The Government’s renewable energy policies are “unnecessary” and will cost UK households £400 a year by 2020, according to educational think tank Policy Exchange. The report has been met with hostility by green groups and DECC, who have questioned the figures and say the think tank is overlooking the many benefits of renewable technologies. The […]