CMA: UK energy prepayment price cap should be extended beyond 2020

A revised methodology to calculate the cap means customers would pay an extra £1 a week on average

Energy bills to rise for millions as Ofgem raises price cap

It will affect 11m households on default or standard variable tariffs and four million prepayment meter customers

Ofgem investigates Utility Warehouse over treatment of customers in debt

The regulator will look into whether the energy supplier has appropriate repayment options in place

Ofgem alleges two energy suppliers breached competition law

It has issued a ‘statement of objections’ to Economy Energy and E (Gas and Electricity) as well as software and consultancy firm Dyball Associates

Energy UK launches smart prepayment switching principles

New principles aimed at easing the switching process for prepayment customers with smart meters have been launched. Energy UK said the principles will ensure suppliers provide the information and support needed by customers who have a smart meter in prepayment mode before, during and after switching companies. Suppliers that have signed the principles will agree […]

Ofgem proposes capping prepayment warrant charges

Ofgem is proposing to cap charges for installing prepayment meters (PPMs) under warrant for consumers in debt. It also proposes banning PPM warrant installation charges for the most vulnerable customers. When customers are in debt, one option is for their supplier to install a PPM under warrant, which would be a last resort for recovering […]

Ofgem consults on smart prepayment plans

A consultation on Ofgem’s proposals for smarter prepayment plans has been launched. The regulator said smart prepayment is a “key focus area” and expects the measures to help achieve the “right consumer outcomes”. One of the proposals is to switch a smart prepayment meter to credit mode when consumers switch suppliers as stakeholders believe there […]

Gazprom switches Ukraine to pre-payment for gas

Russia turned off the gas taps to Ukraine this morning after its deadline for an unpaid gas bill passed. Russian state energy firm Gazprom extended the original deadline by a week after Ukraine seemed to be playing ball with its bigger neighbour. The firm said it switched Ukrainian energy firm Naftogaz to a pre-payment system […]

Russia extends Ukraine’s gas payment deadline

Russian energy firm Gazprom has given Ukraine an extra week to pay for gas supplies in advance or risk being cut off. The announcement comes after Ukraine made a part payment of $786 million (£469m) for gas received in February and March. Gazprom had previously warned it would cut supplies to Ukraine if it received […]

‘Significant fall’ in price gap between energy payment types

The difference in prices between payment methods for energy has “fallen significantly” since new rules were introduced in 2009, according to Ofgem. The rules allow suppliers to charge different prices for different methods but only if the amount reflects the costs of providing those accounts. They were designed to protect consumers and take into account […]