Switching 10% of world’s meat to plant-based food ‘could save 176m tonnes of CO2 by 2030’

Global consumption of meat reached 385 million tonnes in 2018, which translates to at least 1.7 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions

Gender imbalance in the top tier of UK energy sector continues

Only 11 companies of the total 80 surveyed, met the criteria of having 30% female occupancy at board level

UK ‘must hit 9.7% decarbonisation rate to reach net zero by 2050’

That’s according to PwC’s Low Carbon Economy Index, which says the current rate of 3.7% is far too slow

World economic growth is becoming much cleaner – and that’s not all

New research published by PwC suggests by 2040, global energy intensity will fall by a further one-third

UK’s adoption of EVs ‘at critical tipping point’

PwC stresses the necessary infrastructure must be built to allow EV growth to continue

Portsmouth Council pulls plug on own energy company

Scrapping the supplier would cost at least £2.5m of money that has already been committed, however, losses would have been greater if it continued

PwC cut carbon footprint by third in last decade

Consultancy firm PwC has cut its carbon footprint across the UK by nearly a third over the past decade. The company reduced the carbon footprint associated with energy consumption in its buildings by more than three quarters over the period while expanding its business by 44%. In 2007 the company committed to reducing carbon emissions by […]

UK outperforms G20 nations on decarbonisation

The UK decarbonised at a faster rate compared to other G20 countries last year. New analysis reveals the carbon intensity of the UK economy fell by 7.7% – almost three times the global average of 2.6%. That was due to a decline in coal usage, improved energy efficiency and “moderate” economic growth. Coal now represents […]

UK firms ‘concerned about cyber-attacks on new energy tech’

Around two-thirds (65%) of UK businesses are concerned about cyber-attacks as new technologies like smart meters are being installed. According to a new PwC survey, 51% of more than 500 UK businesses questioned are worried their client data isn’t handled securely enough by their energy supplier. The concern comes as energy companies are in the […]

UK businesses eye smart and distributed energy

A third of industrial firms are planning to invest more than £1 million in smart and distributed energy by 2022. That’s according to a new survey of more than 500 UK businesses conducted by PwC. One in five commercial firms said they planned to invest similarly, with mitigating high energy costs and managing security of […]