US Energy Secretary Rick Perry resigns

The former Texas Governor

US invests $40m in enhanced oil recovery

Five projects will share the funding as part of the Department of Energy’s strategy focused on increasing recovery and operational efficiency

Vogtle nuclear plant
Vogtle nuclear plant issued $3.7bn of new funding

The US Government-backed loan guarantee aims to support the completion of the facility, which has been plagued by cost overruns and delays

US and Israel shake hands over Centre for Excellence in energy

The joint venture will focus on innovation, critical technologies and energy efficiency

US announces $36m for carbon capture tech

The US has announced $36 million (£26.8m) of funding for projects to advance carbon capture technologies. The US Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, said the bulk of the money will be used to grow carbon capture technologies to engineering scale using existing host site infrastructure – these projects will receive total funding of up to $30 […]

US energy secretary duped by Russian pranksters

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry was fooled by Russian pranksters who were impersonating Ukraine’s prime minister. Reports suggest he discussed US coal exports, a proposed pipeline across the Baltic Sea and other energy matters with Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyaro during a lengthy phone call this month. Energy Department spokesperson Shaylyn Hayes is said to […]

US Energy Secretary ‘wants Trump to renegotiate Paris climate deal’

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry reportedly wants Donald Trump to stay in the Paris climate accord but renegotiate it. Speaking at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New York this week, he said: “I’m not going to tell the president of the United States to walk away from the Paris accord. I will say […]

Rick Perry sworn in as US Energy Secretary

Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas, has been sworn in as Secretary of the US Department of Energy (DoE). The climate change denier previously pledged to scrap the department, which manages the nation’s energy policy and nuclear weapons programme, during his failed presidential campaign in 2012. Mr Perry has also previously called for a less regulated […]

‘Sound science will lead US energy decisions’

President Donald Trump’s pick for Energy Secretary has said he will base energy decisions on “sound science”. Rick Perry, former Texas Governor and climate change sceptic, has said he will protect scientists and their work at the Department of Energy (DoE) if he is confirmed as its new leader. He recently blocked a questionnaire from the Trump transition team […]

Next US Energy Secretary ‘denies climate change’

Donald Trump has picked the former Governor of Texas to be the next US Energy Secretary. Pending the approval of the Senate, climate change denier Rick Perry will lead the Department of Energy (DoE), adding to the list of oil-advocates Mr Trump plans to bring into the White House. The move will please the fossil fuel industry, which is keen for further expansion. However, it is likely […]