UN and EU adopt new roadmap to tackle marine pollution

They aim to support the conservation of marine biodiversity and ecosystems and keep the world’s oceans healthy, cleaner and resilient

New roadmap to help double renewable energy by 2030

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has launched a new global roadmap in a bid to help double the share of renewable energy by 2030. The ‘REMAP 2030’ process was presented at a two-day assembly in Abu Dhabi earlier this week, which brought together energy experts and policy makers from around the world. It aims […]

New EU efficiency measures “make economic sense”

The European Parliament’s decision on new measures for energy efficiency “makes economic sense”, according to a UK MEP who says it will be worth it for the Government to stick to the targets. The announcement made earlier this week includes EU member states implementing energy-saving methods to help reach the goal of cutting 20% greenhouse […]