UK welcomes 60,000th electric van

The number of electric vans on UK roads has surged by 19.4%, reaching a total of 60,000 since 2018

UK sees surge in BEV registrations

Battery electric vehicle registrations in the UK hit a new high in 2023, with 314,687 new registrations, despite a slight market share decline to 16.5%

EU proposes three-year delay on EV and battery trade rules with UK

A 10% tariff due to have started on 1st January would have cost UK citizens ‘an extra £3,400 on average’

Electric van registrations dip 20%

Battery electric van registrations dropped 20.2% in October due to a large fleet order last year, while demand for BEVs has grown by 19.8% in 2023, according to a report

UK new car market grows 21%, private BEV registrations dip

September witnessed a 21% growth in the UK’s new car market, but private registrations of battery electric vehicles declined by 14.3%, new data shows

UK carmakers step up renewable energy generation by 4.7%

This resulted in a total of 46GWh of renewable energy production, which is equivalent to powering up to 767,000 EV batteries annually, according to a report

UK EV market boom: Industry urges VAT cut on public charging

The BEV market grew by 39.4% in June, according to a new industry report

High energy costs may put the brakes on EV sales

The projected market share of BEVs in 2023 has been downgraded from 19.7% to 18.4% due to high energy costs and insufficient charging infrastructure

‘Biggest month in history’: EV uptake surges to unprecedent levels

March had the highest number of battery electric new car registrations on record, with 46,626 deliveries, according to a report

‘EV sales to rise by 500,000’

That’s according to the latest analysis by the SMMT