Tata Steel announces new tech to halve its emissions

The technique reduces the amount of energy-intensive steps required in the manufacturng process

Sanjeev Gupta unveils $1bn renewable energy plans in Australia

The billionaire’s programme aims to add 1GW of green energy capacity down under

Australian steel giant signs on the dotted line for solar

BlueScope has agreed to buy the majority of power produced by the 133MW Finley Solar Farm

EU to launch safeguard measures on steel imports

They will come into effect tomorrow and can remain in place for a maximum of 200 days

EU member states back safeguard measures on steel after US tariffs

It will come into force after it is formally adopted in July

EU hits back with tariffs on US imports of steel and other products

The European Commission confirmed the 25% duties will come into effect on Friday

New joint venture targets offshore wind sector in Japan

It involves a feasibility study to assess the application of Mono Bucket technology for a Japanese offshore wind generation project

EU, Japan push for exemptions from Trump’s metal tariffs

The European Union and Japan have urged the US to grant them exemptions from the import metal tariffs. Trade officials met in Brussels on Saturday to address issues such as trade distortive practices that lead to severe global overcapacity in sectors like steel. The EU and Japan also raised Donald Trump’s decision to impose additional […]

EU extends anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel

Its investigation found if measures were to be removed, significant quantities of dumped Chinese exports could be directed to the EU market

Trump: ‘Mexico and Canada could escape US metal tariffs’

US President Donald Trump has tweeted that Mexico and Canada may be able to avoid paying new tariffs on steel and aluminium if they sign new trade deals