Ofgem chief calls for massive job creation in UK carbon capture sector

During visits to CCS projects in Teesside and Humberside, Jonathan Brearley highlighted the need for clean jobs in decarbonising heavy industries, hydrogen production and power plants

Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive Officer of Ofgem, has emphasised the urgent need for job creation in the UK to support the expanding carbon capture and storage (CCS) industry.

During recent visits to Teesside and Humberside, Mr Brearley stressed the importance of generating clean jobs, particularly in heavy industries like steel and cement.

The push for job growth aligns with government targets to achieve 20-30 million tonnes of carbon storage and establish four operational CCS clusters by 2030.

Jonathan Brearley, CEO of Ofgem, said: “The gas crisis, as much as the climate crisis, has shown the need for building our energy security from volatile international gas markets.

“Our role at Ofgem is to unlock investment and accelerate signing off infrastructure and facilities to ensure everyone can benefit from a net zero system as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost to consumers to protect businesses and households.”

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