Chancellor “bitterly disappointed” as court backs gas drilling in Surrey

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has expressed disappointment over the Court of Appeal’s approval of a gas drilling project in his Surrey constituency

Chancellor urges Thames Water on Surrey compensation

Jeremy Hunt has criticised Thames Water for inadequate compensation to Surrey residents facing prolonged water supply issues

Surrey residents queue for bottled water amid water cuts

Thousands in Surrey face water shortages as a result of Storm Ciarán disrupting treatment works, leading to long queues for bottled water

UKEF supports Surrey cleantech’s solar export to India

Surrey-based GR2L has secured a £4 million contract to supply solar technology to a 2GW solar facility in India

Thames Water faces backlash over smart meter approach

Households have reportedly had smart meters installed without prior consultation

Environmental watchdog intervenes in appeal against new oil wells in Surrey

The OEP has been allowed to intervene in a Supreme Court appeal, emphasising the significance of clarity in environmental law

Air we go again! Sadiq Khan braces for High Court battle over ULEZ expansion

London’s Mayor is determined to implement his ultra-low emission zone plans despite a legal challenge being given the go-ahead to proceed

SES Water reportedly explores potential sale

The company supplies water to around 745,000 people in Surrey, Kent and South London

Thirsty cows? Bottled water?

A farmer with 400 cows was told to get six bottles of water during recent water disruption in Surrey

People queuing to get bottled water as taps run dry in Surrey

Thames Water has received fierce criticism over the failure of its welfare services during the heatwave