Global tourism accounts for 8% of total carbon emissions

This is around three-times higher than previously thought

Premier League teams up with Sky to score for sustainability

It hopes to remove single-use plastics from its operations and supply chains in the next two years

Heathrow’s plastic cup pollution to make an early landing

It hopes to standardise and recycle 100% of its single-use coffee cups by the end of 2018

Blenheim Palace to banish single-use plastics

Blenheim Palace has announced it plans to phase-out single-use plastics. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is introducing a series of environmental shifts across its estate as┬ápart of its ongoing goal of becoming a net producer of green energy over the next 10 years. Plastic straws have been replaced with paper-based alternatives and water bottles have […]

Wood you believe this new clean energy forestry partnership?

Ecotricity is partnering with the National Forest Company to help develop British woodland

Nestle targets sweet and sustainable savings

The firm has announced a new sustainability target of making 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025

Waitrose to chuck out disposable coffee cups

The supermarket expects this will save more than 52 million cups a year

Visa banks on renewables with clean commitment

Visa has committed to using 100% renewable electricity across its global operations by the end of 2019. The payment technology firm has joined the RE100 initiative for businesses to help each other move towards getting their power from clean sources. Currently, around 35% of Visa’s global electricity consumption comes from renewables, with solar, wind and […]

Pune paved with plastic in Indian recycled road scheme

Roads in the Indian city of Pune are now being built with glue and tar made from recycled plastic waste. Following successful pilot tests, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) plans to construct around 25 roads in different areas of the province using the technique. It aims to partner with a chemical and an environmental company, […]

Coffee house says paper cup charge has bean overdue

Starbucks is testing a 5p paper cup charge across its London stores to reduce the amount of waste it creates. The scheme, which automatically adds the fee to the cost of a coffee, will be trialled across 35 London locations to see whether customers will actually stop using single-use paper cups in favour of greener […]