Net Hero Podcast – Is net zero a global or local ambition?

This episode the boss of a graphene tech business talks to me about the chance of a fair and global, net zero transition

British Steel plans to replace furnaces, risking 2,000 jobs

British Steel’s plan to replace blast furnaces with electric arc furnaces raises concerns for the potential loss of up to 2,000 jobs

“Even the best businesses can do more on energy efficiency”

We spoke to Centrica’s Head of Sales, John Hyde, who told us that businesses should embrace sustainability before they are forced into it by legislation

UK’s COP28 goals under scrutiny

UK Energy Minister Graham Stuart is set to discuss the nation’s COP28 priorities, climate goals and concerns over net zero targets with the Environmental Audit Committee

We must protect our forests, says climate tech expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Adrien Pages from MORFO who told about his drone technology that is restoring forest areas

OVO vows to slash carbon offsetting and achieve net zero by 2035

The energy supplier has committed to limit its reliance on carbon offsetting to just 10% of its emissions

XR Founder convicted of £27,5k damage in protest

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Gail Bradbrook has been convicted of causing £27,500 in damage during a 2019 protest at the Department for Transport

King Charles to attend COP28

The King is set to attend the World Climate Action Summit at COP28 UAE at the invitation of the UAE President and will deliver an opening address

Indonesian President commits to sustainable hydropower

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia has committed to sustainable hydropower at the World Hydropower Congress, emphasising international collaboration for a green global economy

“We need to act to make sure we have a better future for ourselves and those around us”

We spoke to Justin Jacober, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions about enabling net zero