Danish EV sales fall 60.5% after tax breaks near end

Electric vehicle (EV) sales in Denmark have fallen by 60.5% year-on-year, following a government promise to eliminate related tax breaks. The dramatic shift from the first quarter of last year compared to the first quarter of 2017 contrasts with other EU member states, where EV registrations and sales have continued to rise. Denmark was previously one […]

Treasury scraps tax breaks for community energy projects

Community green energy schemes have been dealt a major blow as the UK Government plans to cut their tax relief. It was revealed by the Treasury earlier this week during the third reading of the Finance Bill. Community energy is to be excluded from to a list of schemes, including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), […]

Skills for green industry should be prioritised in schools

Three in four UK adults (76%) believe renewable energy will be important to the global economy in the future, with the majority of Brits suggesting that teaching skills for the industry should be prioritised over all others. They would like to see more Government initiatives to support the renewables industry, including investment plans and tax […]

Guest Blog Filippo Gaddo – How much are we paying for renewables?

Brace yourself for a big claim: compared to our Continental neighbours, British bill payers have had it easy so far when it comes to coughing up for renewable energy subsidies. So why can I say that? As ever, you just have to look at the numbers. The Council of European Energy Regulators recently published a […]

EU sues Treasury over efficiency VAT break

The European Commission is suing the UK for giving VAT breaks to energy saving measures, it announced yesterday, prompting UK groups to press the Government to fight the plans “tooth and nail”. The Commission has threatened to refer the UK to the EU Court of Justice for months and finally did so yesterday. The EU’s […]