Thames Tideway Tunnel is now 40% complete

Tideway has increased its estimate of total costs for the super sewer by 8%, bringing the total up to £3.8 billion

Cleaning up the Thames for good

We got access to the Thames Tideway Tunnel to find out how it will affect pollution levels in the river…

EU bank lends £700m for London’s ‘super sewer’

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to provide £700 million for the Thames Tideway Tunnel project in the UK. London’s so-called “super sewer” is a 7.2 metre-wide and 25-kilometre long tunnel expected to stop millions of tonnes of untreated sewage that currently overflow into the Thames every year. Worth £4.2 billion, it is believed […]

London’s ‘super sewer’ to deliver £13bn environment benefits

The “super sewer” to be built in London is expected to bring environmental benefits worth up to almost £13 billion. That’s according to new government figures for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which will prevent millions of tonnes of sewage flowing into the river every year. According to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, […]