Balancing costs set to reduce nearly by £100m

The latest data reveals that the total balancing costs, encompassing energy imbalance, reserve, response, constraints, voltage, stability and restoration are expected to decline this year

UK Energy minister resigns

Graham Stuart has resigned from his Cabinet position, citing a desire to focus on local matters

Norway and UK join forces to safeguard North Sea energy infrastructure

Norway and the UK have teamed up to protect vital energy and telecommunications infrastructure in the North Sea

National Grid’s investment arm injects $17m into climate innovation

National Grid Partners has announced three investments totalling $17 million

UK businesses reduce energy usage

The average energy consumption by UK businesses has decreased by 4.6% compared to last year, according to a report

UK delays massive solar farm decision for fourth time

The UK Government has once again delayed the decision on the Sunnica Energy Farm, Europe’s potentially largest solar farm, until 20th June

Thames Water’s poo power project lights up south west London

Thames Water has implemented a new initiative, converting sewage sludge into electricity at two treatment sites in south west London

UK renewable boom plunges electricity prices

UK wholesale electricity prices dropped sharply in the first quarter due to record-high renewable energy production, according to a report

£320m contract opportunities for North Scotland’s electricity network

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks Distribution has announced £320m contract opportunities for large capital delivery projects in Scotland’s north

EU Parliament adopts first-ever law to curb methane emissions in energy sector

The newly enacted legislation empowers the EU to lower methane emissions from the energy sector, aligning with the EU’s climate objectives and enhancing air quality