What’s happening with the UK power market?

EDF’s James Chaplin explains.

Brexit uncertainty ‘is delaying hundreds of innovative energy projects’

Schneider Electric found almost a third of businesses say they have delayed projects in the last year as a result of political upheaval

Uncertainty was the word of the day at this year’s ELCC

Hundreds of consultants and brokers gathered to network, build knowledge and find ways to better cater for their customers at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester

UK’s Brexit uncertainty leads to fall in clean investment

That’s according to EY’s latest Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index

UK energy professionals’ concerns: Brexit uncertainty and key high capital projects

They see energy efficiency as low cost with the lowest investment risk to adding value and boosting productivity

The world is worried about commodity prices

The world is worried about commodity prices. That’s according to a new report from the World Energy Council (WEC), which surveyed 1,200 energy leaders from more than 90 countries about the potential impact and future uncertainty of various issues in the sector. The majority of ministers and businessmen questioned said they expect prices to become even more volatile as energy demand […]

Fallon: Uncertainty …What uncertainty?

Energy Minister Michael Fallon yesterday denied that investors in energy sector had been left in dark over long term government policy . When asked by Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee whether the government had provided as much certainty as possible, he responded firmly: “Yes. I think obviously if you’re undertaking a major revision of the energy […]

Where’s the certainty? Mark Dickinson of M&C gives his view

Mark Dickinson the CEO of M&C Energy Group talks to ELN on the issues of market reform and getting stability in your pricing