A smart solution to cut soft drinks plastic packaging

  Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) and the University of Reading are trialling a new way to reduce soft drinks packaging. They have installed smart drink dispensers and provided 1,500 refillable bottles to students – the containers are micro-chipped to ensure payment has been made and track how many times the refillable bottle is used. CCEP and the […]

University of Reading gets smart about energy use

The University of Reading has saved £17 million over a five-year period by becoming more energy efficient. It has also reduced its carbon emissions by 35%, saving around 63,000 tonnes – equivalent to just above two years’ worth of the university’s current emissions. That’s a result of investing more than £4 million in projects aimed […]

Smarter business energy use ‘could cut demand by 75%’

Businesses could help cut the UK’s energy demand by three quarters just by turning off non-essential equipment such as air con, heating and lighting at times of peak demand. A study by researchers from the University of Reading working with KiWi Power found electricity demand from some industry sites including telecoms centres could be slashed […]