UK public ‘confused and concerned about recycling’

The UK public is more confused than ever about how their waste is being recycled and managed. That’s according to a new report from recycling and waste management firm Viridor, which highlights public frustration with product labelling and recycling collection systems, as well as a lack of confidence in those responsible for managing waste. It […]

Waste criminal gets 15 months behind bars

A waste criminal has been sentenced to 15 months in prison and disqualified from managing companies for six years. Barry Kilroe was found to have run three waste sites unlawfully, after his actions resulted in the closure of the M60, polluted a river and blighted local communities. He pled guilty to 10 charges relating to […]

Birmingham offers £500 to aspiring green filmmakers

Birmingham City Council is offering a £500 prize for social media videos showcasing how best to deal with waste. In a bid to reduce rubbish and litter across the city, the Zero Hero Challenge is encouraging Birmingham’s 65,000 students to create their own viral videos about how to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. The competition has been […]

Britain’s air quality ‘among the worst in Europe’

Britain’s air quality is among the worst in Europe. That’s according to a new report from MoneySuperMarket, which studies how individual citizens from 102 different countries negatively affect their environment. Although Britain managed to rank 53rd overall for the least damaging per capita impact, placing it above France, Germany and the US, it compares poorly with regards to energy usage and air pollution. […]

Green waste projects on the rubbish heap

Planning applications to build new green waste management sites have dropped by 20% since last year. That’s according to a new report from commercial law firm EMW, which shows the figure fell to 189 in 2015/16 from 237 in 2014/15, a five-year low. These figures include applications for materials recycling sites, composting and anaerobic digestion centres and incineration […]

Austrian waste management firm fined €6.6m by EU

An Austrian waste management firm has been ordered to pay €6.6 million for breaking EU rules. According to the European Commission, Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA) blocked competitors from entering the nation’s market for management of household packaging waste from 2008 to 2012. In Austria, producers of goods are obliged to take back packaging waste that […]

Greece taken to EU court over illegal landfill

The European Commission is taking Greece to the Court of Justice over poor waste management again. It is being referred for an illegal landfill on the island of Corfu. The Temploni landfill, which has been operating in breach of EU waste regulation since 2007, is a “serious risk for human health and the environment”, the Commission said. Various […]

Greece taken to court for ‘poor waste management’

The European Commission is referring Greece to the Court of Justice for “poor treatment” of hazardous waste. The Commission said the nation is still failing to comply with EU standards five years after the first ruling, which noted the absence of a management plan to deal with medical and chemical waste. It is asking the […]

Tata Power to educate students on waste management

Indian energy giant Tata Power has launched a new programme aimed at educating students on managing waste. The ‘Waste Management Module’, part of its nationwide energy and resource conservation movement Club Enerji, will emphasise on saving water, fuel, paper and electricity. It aims to teach students about the repercussions of waste dumping on the environment […]

Fire-hit waste firm’s environmental permit revoked

A Northamptonshire-based waste management company’s appeal against its environmental permit being revoked has been rejected. Think Environmental Ltd ran a bio-drying and waste management centre at Blackbridge Farm – which had two fires. In October 2012, it was fined a total of £33,000 and full costs of £15,000 for failing to stop smells from the site […]