Poo power: Thames Water and SGN turn waste to heat homes

Thames Water has successfully implemented its second gas-to-grid project at Mogden Sewage Treatment Works, converting sewage sludge into biomethane to heat homes in West London

Whisky’s secret power: Turning waste to green hydrogen

Heriot-Watt University scientists have converted wastewater from the whisky distilling industry into green hydrogen

Wales & West Utilities secures funding for green hydrogen electrolyser

Wales & West Utilities has secured funding from Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund to develop green hydrogen electrolyser prototypes

Major UK water firms accused of illegal sewage discharges

Three major water companies in the UK are suspected of engaging in illegal sewage discharges even when it wasn’t raining

Anglian Water unleashes wastewater-to-wheels project for greener roads

Anglian Water has launched a partnership to produce hydrogen from wastewater, aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the water recycling process

Anglian Water slapped with £2.6m fine for discharging sewage in the North Sea

The Environment Agency officers uncovered Anglian Water’s monthly discharge of waste water equivalent to three Olympic swimming pools into the North Sea

Ofwat: ‘Water companies letting down environment’

Serious pollution incidents have risen from 2021 – and £132m in fines have been issued

Water companies urged to increase financial support for customers

Companies are asked to develop plans to support Britons amid financial pressures

Billing issues untap wave of household water customer complaints

Thames Water and Southern Water stand out as poor performers in relation to written complaints, according to a new report

CMA rules Veolia must sell Suez’s UK businesses over councils’ cost fears

Its investigation found the merger would likely result in higher cost or lower quality services for councils, with knock-on effects for taxpayers, as well as businesses across the UK