Thames Water allocates £500k to aid vulnerable customers

Thames Water has allocated an additional £500,000 for its Thames Water Trust Fund, aimed at supporting vulnerable customers and organisations providing financial advice services

Water company ‘admits to prolonged sewage spillage’

A new BBC analysis raises concerns of prolonged sewage discharges by Welsh Water

Ofwat proposes changes for improved customer service

Ofwat is consulting on potential modifications to water companies’ licences to introduce customer-focused principles, aiming to enhance customer service

Ofwat: Water suppliers must repay £114m to customers

The water regulator has ordered water companies in England and Wales to refund customers due to widespread underperformance

Major UK water firms accused of illegal sewage discharges

Three major water companies in the UK are suspected of engaging in illegal sewage discharges even when it wasn’t raining

Ofwat cracks down on exaggerated energy costs in companies’ plans

The water regulator has warned firms against overstating energy costs in 2025-30 plans due to concerns of inaccurate projections amid rising wholesale energy prices

Water giant’s £800k fine: Illegal water extraction in Lancashire

United Utilities faces an £800,000 penalty for unlawfully extracting a whopping 22 billion litres of water from Lancashire boreholes, as revealed by a prosecution by the Environment Agency

Thames Water faces backlash over smart meter approach

Households have reportedly had smart meters installed without prior consultation

“Raw sewage floods sensitive UK wilderness areas for 300,000 hours”

Nearly 1,200 sewage overflow pipes in England and Wales discharged raw sewage for over 300,000 hours last year in protected wildlife habitats, according to a report

Ofwat ex-boss: “I will not apologise for my role as Chief Executive”

Cathryn Ross, now serving as interim co-chief executive of Thames Water, faced scrutiny from MPs for her role in approving the 2014 price review that contributed to Thames Water’s financial struggles