Is government exploring plan to convert lavatory waste into drinking water?

Ministers are reportedly examining several water recycling projects, including a toilet-to-tap scheme

Are water awareness campaigns going down the drain?

Almost 62% of consumers have admitted that “they haven’t done anything” in the last six months to slash water use

Ofwat awards £2.65m to Welsh Water for green projects

One of the projects is designed to help reduce wasted water through improved management of leaks

Ofwat announces new permanent CEO

The water regulator has confirmed that David Black will be its new permanent Chief Executive

Businesses’ water bills to rise

Price caps in the business retail market will increase by 0.49%

Water meters to be made compulsory for millions of households?

Reports claim nearly six million homeowners could soon be forced to install a water meter

Businesses’ dissatisfaction for water retailers hit three-year high

Billing complaints are the most frequent among business customers, according to a new survey

Water firms urged to help customers struggling to pay their bills

Water bills will see an average increase of 1.7%, Ofwat said

Ofwat urges companies to go further to cut emissions

Carbon reduction should be prioritised over carbon offsetting, says Ofwat

Majority of business customers in water market ‘are unaware of the choice of retailer’

Ofwat’s new report finds the market is working less well for smaller business customers