US announces $25m to make waves in clean energy production

The funding supports eight projects that will make up the first round of open-water testing at the PacWave South test site, off the Oregon coast

Flick a switch Flipper!

Rescued theme park dolphins are generating tidal power with their tails in new experiment

New project to cut risks for wave power developers

Five European firms are working together to cut risks faced by wave power developers. The project will focus on uncertainties faced by developers through the implementation of seabed mounted acoustic devices to measure tidal currents and wave heights. Next generation models of the devices will be deployed at a number of sites during the course of […]

Israeli firm waves hello to $2m

An Israeli wave energy firm has raised $2 million (£1.3m) of funds to build a pipeline. It follows the company’s ‘Second Generation’ power station which was deployed last month at Jaffa Port, Israel. The total funding requirement for the execution of the whole pipeline is around $150 million (£102m) in different locations around the globe, […]

Competition to find new wave energy converter

A competition has been launched to find new wave energy converter devices. Wave Energy Scotland (WES) said applicants need to have already identified their concept and carried out tests to prove it works. WES is the national research and development body for the wave energy sector in Scotland. This is their second competitive project. It […]

New power generator waves hello to €2m

A new wave power project has bagged €2 million (£1.4m) in funds to run torrent tests in the Atlantic ocean. CorPower Ocean’s technology called ‘HiWave’ works by capturing the wave energy to generate electricity. It can harness five times more energy compared to previous models and at a third of the cost, according to KIC InnoEnergy, which […]

Wave hello to £4 million!

Do you love the seaside? Want to pocket £4 million? Got a smart idea to harness the power of waves? Then you should enter a new competition launched by Wave Energy Scotland (WES) and funded by the Scottish Government to find new technologies to capture and wave energy. WES wants ideas from a wide range […]

New Scottish body to make waves in energy

A new technology development body to boost innovation in the wave energy industry is to be set up in Scotland. Called ‘Wave Energy Scotland’, it aims to bring together the best engineers and academics to collaborate in a research and development programme. The development of wave energy has been hampered by the uncertainty facing the […]

Tidal and wave power ‘more expensive than expected’

The development of marine energy technologies is taking longer than hoped and costing more money than expected, a new report claims. That’s due to project setbacks, “fatigue among venture capital investors” and the difficulty of deploying devices in the “harsh” marine environment, according to analysts at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). They have reduced projections […]

Cornwall attracts Finnish wave power test

Finnish energy company Fortum is testing its wave power technology in Cornwall. Today it announced a deal with the UK-based Wave Hub which has testing sites 16km off the Cornish coast in the Atlantic Ocean. They picked the site to trial wave power converters in “favourable ocean conditions”. Fortum’s Chief Technology Officer Heli Antila said: […]