Labour to call for Commons vote on windfall tax on oil and gas giants

Shadow Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said his party will call for a vote on Tuesday

Government will ‘look at windfall tax if not enough investment is made’

Rishi Sunak has warned that “no options are off the table” if he does not see “significant investment” in the UK economy

Government reportedly puts windfall tax on table

Rishi Sunak has allegedly asked officials to examine plans for a potential windfall tax on oil and gas companies

Overwhelming case for windfall tax on energy companies, says Tesco Chairman

The boss of the retail giant has said customers are “extremely stretched” because of price rises

Shell reports its highest ever quarterly profits

Shell profits soared to $9.1 billion amid calls for a windfall tax

Kwasi Kwarteng urges energy giants to reinvest their profits

The Business and Energy Secretary called on oil and gas firms to double down on energy transition investments

It’s silly to give more support for energy bills now, says Rishi Sunak

The Chancellor has hinted at a potential windfall tax if energy companies will not invest in the UK’s energy security

Energy bills ‘to rise at least 14 times faster than wages this year’

A union body has said a “toxic combination” of soaring bills and weak pay growth will push many households to the brink

Boris Johnson: “We need to encourage energy companies to go for more gas”

The Prime Minister said a windfall tax would deter investment in gas

Will the UK greenlight six new oil and gas fields in North Sea?

Ministers are reportedly pressed to fast-track licences for the development of these projects