Car giants ‘urged UK Government to delay new EV rules’

Several major car manufacturers have reportedly lobbied ministers to ease or postpone the implementation of rules aimed at boosting sales and reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Council introduces emissions-based parking charges

Greenwich Council has introduced tiered parking rates, charging owners of high-emission vehicles up to £7 per hour for on-street parking, while zero emission vehicles could pay as little as 70p

UK urged to electrify HGVs for net zero in £100bn investment plan

Analysts call for immediate action to electrify around 500,000 heavy goods vehicles in the UK, addressing nearly 20% of the country’s transport emissions

UK Battery Strategy elicits mixed reactions

The release of the UK Battery Strategy yesterday has generated mixed responses, with the industry expressing cautious optimism while calling for more comprehensive measures to ensure success in the global battery race

UK to revamp EV charging infrastructure rules

The Department for Transport is set to revise local transport plans, ensuring the inclusion of local electric vehicle charging strategies and the provision of essential charge points by local transport authorities

Delayed ban on diesel and petrol cars ‘incredibly confusing’

Mike Hawes, the CEO of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, is concerned that the reported postponed ban on diesel and petrol cars might deter people from switching to EVs

‘Biggest month in history’: EV uptake surges to unprecedent levels

March had the highest number of battery electric new car registrations on record, with 46,626 deliveries, according to a report

No U-turn! Britain to stick to 2030 petrol and diesel car ban

The government unveiled its ‘Powering Up Britain’ strategy today, featuring a proposed mandate for zero-emission vehicles on new cars and vans

UK EVs hit one-millionth registration milestone

Last month, Britain saw the second highest monthly volume of battery electric vehicle registrations ever

Government urged to introduce a zero emission vehicles mandate

Energy UK also proposes a ‘Bonus-Malus’ scheme that could make ZEVs more affordable to drivers