EU extends anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel

Its investigation found if measures were to be removed, significant quantities of dumped Chinese exports could be directed to the EU market

Big Zero Report 2022

The European Commission has extended anti-dumping measures on Chinese imports of seamless pipes and tubes of stainless steel for another five years.

They range from 48.3% to 71.9% and were initially imposed in 2011 to provide a level playing field for EU producers.

The news comes as the steel sector suffers from a global surplus that has driven down steel prices to “unsustainable levels” in recent years and had a damaging impact on EU producers and related industries.

The Commission said: “The review investigation initiated in December 2016 showed that dumping from China continued and that, if the measures were to lapse, significant quantities of dumped Chinese exports might be directed to the EU market.”

Around 53 measures are now in place on steel and iron products, including 27 on products from China.

President Trump recently suggested Canada and Mexico could win exemptions from its proposed tariffs on metal imports if the two countries sign new trade deals with the US.

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