The Boring Company digs deep for electric bus innovation

The pods under Los Angeles could travel at up to 150mph

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A new high-speed electric transport system running through underground tunnels could soon replace standard buses.

That’s according to Tesla Founder and CEO Elon Musk – his side-business The Boring Company originally planned to make roads under Los Angeles for on-track cars but will now use bus pods travelling at up to 150mph instead.

These small, communal vehicles would come up out of the ground at designated stops at various locations through the city.

The company is currently building a two-mile test track which Elon Musk says will allow various types of vehicle to be trialled.

In addition to this urban transport project, the inventor is also working on his original Hyperloop concept, which he says could allow people to travel around the world at up to 700mph through vacuum-sealed tubes.

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