Competition watchdog demands pricing information from energy supplier

Daligas provides energy to both domestic and small and medium sized businesses

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The UK’s competition watchdog has issued legal directions to energy supplier Daligas after failing to provide pricing information to small business customers.

All energy companies that supply microbusinesses are required to provide an online tool so SMEs can access accurate energy quotes to compare with other companies and potentially switch to get a better deal.

More than 20 suppliers that offer energy to SMEs are already complying with the order, which was issued as part of the CMA’s investigation into the energy market.

The watchdog said London-based Daligas, which provides energy to both SMEs and domestic customers, failed to respond to several reminders to meet the requirement and by failing to do so, it also breached one of Ofgem’s licensing conditions.

Andrea Gomes da Silva, Executive Director of Markets and Mergers at the CMA said: “By not allowing companies to access this information in a timely way, Daligas is breaching its legal obligations, which is why we have issued these formal directions.

“The company must now comply within the next month or we will take it to court. We also want to remind other companies that we can and will take action if they fail to comply with CMA orders.”

ELN has contacted Daligas for a statement.

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