Ofgem launches review of £3.5bn microbusiness energy market

The regulator is concerned some small businesses are struggling to engage with the market and paying more for their energy

London launches £23m van scrappage fund for microbusinesses

They can receive up to £6,000 to scrap a non-compliant van or minibus and switch to a new electric model

Government seeks views on improving business smart meter benefits

The rollout is expected to help businesses save around £1.4bn on energy by 2030

Small and microbusinesses continue to pay more for energy, Ofgem finds

Microbusinesses paid 35% more for their electricity in the first quarter of 2018 compared with larger firms

Competition watchdog demands pricing information from energy supplier

Daligas provides energy to both domestic and small and medium sized businesses

Energy suppliers banned from backbilling customers

Ofgem puts an end to “shock bills” with new rules for households and microbusinesses

New measures to help microbusinesses combat energy overpricing

New measures to help end microbusinesses being locked into costly rollover contracts kicked in yesterday. During its two-year investigation into the energy market, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found around 45% of microbusinesses across Britain were stuck on their supplier’s expensive default tariffs. The watchdog ordered them to stop locking small firms into automatic […]

CMA seeks views on measures to help microbusinesses

The competition watchdog is inviting views on measures to help microbusinesses and households on the most expensive tariffs find better deals. It follows a two-year investigation into the energy market, which revealed microbusinesses have been paying around £180 million a year more for gas and electricity than they would in a competitive market. The Competition […]