Shell CEO backs UK’s 2040 petrol and diesel ban being brought forward

Ben van Beurden said a closer date would help provide clarity for energy companies

Big Zero Report 2022

Shell’s CEO has backed calls for the UK to bring its 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel car sales forward.

Ben van Beurden told the Guardian a closer date would help provide clarity and make it easier for energy companies to make investment decisions, as well as accelerate a shift in the attitudes of consumers.

He said: “If you would bring it forward, obviously that would be welcome. I think the UK will have to go at a much higher speed than the speed the rest of the world can go.”

He added although Africa and Asia would likely have to switch to battery vehicles at a slower rate, it would be beneficial if the UK accelerated its plan and led the transition.

The CEO said much work is needed to cut the transport sector’s emissions – it is currently responsible for the biggest carbon footprint out of all UK industries.

Energy giants are increasingly supporting low carbon vehicle infrastructure, for example BP’s recent purchase of electric vehicle infrastructure firm Chargemaster.

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