South West England’s nuclear sector ‘could provide opportunities worth £50bn’

Nuclear South West suggests both specialist suppliers and companies not connected with the supply chain could benefit

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The South West of England’s nuclear sector could provide economic opportunities worth £50 billion.

That’s according to new research commissioned by Nuclear South West, which suggests there are huge opportunities in the region for both specialist suppliers and companies not connected with the supply chain.

It states small and medium-sized companies, large companies and training providers could supply £15 billion worth of work to the nuclear sector, with ongoing and upcoming projects including building a new tranche of power stations, decommissioning four existing sites and developing new reactor designs.

The report adds many of the regional industry’s skills could also be used to support the UK’s nuclear submarine programme.

It recommends the industry continues working to ensure major projects have the skilled workforce they need, particularly to meet demand for the development of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset and to connect engineering, managing and logistical skills with new reactors at Bradwell B and Sizewell C.

Matt Burley, Nuclear South West’s Chairman, said: “The size and scope of the South West’s nuclear sector presents opportunities for employers from a huge range of sectors.

“We want to work with employers from across these sectors, to enable them to benefit from these opportunities and support the region’s success.”

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