Sir David King joins nuclear fusion advisory board

First Light Fusion aims to unlock the way to ‘safe, clean and virtually limitless energy’

‘UK has made substantial progress in Euratom negotiations’

The UK and EU have agreed on an implementation period running until the end of 2020

Japan gets new supercomputer to boost fusion research

The computer will perform more complex calculations per second than current devices to accelerate progress

£3.6m boost for nuclear fusion technology

The ‘Machine 3’ device will be capable of discharging up to 200,000 volts within two microseconds

‘UK must be able operate as independent nuclear state post-Brexit’

The UK Government aims to achieve a close association with Euratom but plans to be prepared to operate as an independent nuclear state if necessary

Seaweed sees nuclear power station cry for kelp

EDF’s Torness nuclear power station in Scotland was forced to partially close down last week after seaweed was carried into its cooling ducts

Seaweed sees nuclear power station cry for kelp

EDF’s Torness nuclear power station in Scotland was forced to close down after seaweed blocked air intakes after extreme weather

Nuclear smart system producer to open new UK site

A producer of automated handling systems is to open a new facility in Cumbria as a part of a long-term investment in the UK. PaR Systems aims to open the site this year and has recently agreed to an extended framework agreement supporting nuclear decommissioning at Sellafield. The firm says the new facility will give […]

EDF revenues fall as nuclear profits drop off

EDF has pledged to step up its renewable energy efforts as its sliding nuclear business sees revenues fall. The French energy giant’s overall annual results for last year show a 16% drop in earnings before interest and tax, falling to £12.2 billion. Earnings in the UK fell by around a third as the company received lower […]

Trump budget proposes renewable cuts and coal boosts

US President Donald Trump’s has proposed to increase funding for coal while reducing the money available to support schemes for nuclear energy and clean power. Under his latest budget proposal, he would offer $502 million (£361m) for fossil energy research and development, an increase of $81 million (£58m) on the year before, which the President […]