New Mexico granted $85k to monitor air quality

The funding will be used to prevent and control pollution across the state

Big Zero Report 2022

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) has been awarded $85,774 (£66,679) for its air quality monitoring of fine particulate matter.

The funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will help NMED’s carry out air monitoring programmes for the prevention and control of pollution across the state.

Particulate matter (PM2.5), also called particle pollution, contains microscopic solids or liquids which may be harmful is inhaled – it can lead to respiratory or heart problems.

Elizabeth Bisbey-Kuehn, NMED Air Quality Bureau Chief said: “We maintain multiple PM2.5 monitors across the state, which provides both critical information about this type of air pollution and assists in planning and demonstrating compliance with the ambient air standards.

“These monitors are a critical part of the overall monitoring network and are an important resource for providing real time information to the public during fire season in the western United States.”

The EPA’s recent air trends report found the combined emissions of six key pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, dropped by 73% between 1970 and 2017.

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