New York to use $127.7m VW emissions settlement to fund EVs

It plans to cut emissions equivalent to removing 65,000 traditional cars from the road

  • The investment is planned to leverage at least $300m worth of clean vehicles and kit
  • The scheme will focus on cleaning up the most polluting vehicles
  • It aims to exceed the emissions produced by the faulty Volkswagen vehicles

The Big Zero report

New York State plans to use its $127.7 million (£98.7m) share of the settlement from the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal to boost electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo says the strategically leveraged investment will help deploy at least $300 million (£231.8m) of clean vehicles and infrastructure on the state’s roads.

It plans to use more than 60% of the funding to help reduce the cost of electric buses and trucks and provide funding for more EV charging infrastructure.

New York State aims to replace or repower older, polluting diesel trucks, school buses and other equipment with cleaner alternatives.

It suggests nitrogen oxide reductions achieved by the plan will exceed the emissions produced by the faulty Volkswagen vehicles and will be equivalent to removing 65,000 automobiles from the road.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said: “As Washington continues to roll back protections, New York is more committed than ever to supporting cleaner, greener transportation technologies.

“By strategically investing these settlement funds, we can take real action to improve community health and sustainability, while providing incentives to address one of the largest causes of harmful pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.”

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