E.ON and subsidiary Avacon launch smart grid tool in Germany

The Smart Grid Hub is designed to remotely control distributed energy generation and battery units

Big Zero Report 2022

E.ON and its subsidiary Avacon have put a new smart grid tool into operation in Germany.

The Smart Grid Hub is designed to remotely control grid-connected systems such as solar installations or battery storage.

It will work as part of the EU’s InterFlex project, which aims to keep supply stable, even during peaks in demand.

Avacon has installed smart meters in around 200 households in the region of Saxony – they are now able to transmit their data to the Smart Grid Hub.

A total of 1.7 million decentralised energy generators such as wind turbines and solar farms now feed energy into the German electricity grid.

Thorsten Gross, InterFlex Project Manager at Avacon, said: ‘The transformation of the energy sector must remain affordable.

“Solutions such as those now being tested in Lueneburg help to increase grid efficiency and thus reduce overall system costs.”

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