Abundance Investment launches onshore wind investment opportunity

Proceeds will be used to refinance a 1MW onshore wind energy portfolio in the north of England

Abundance Investment has launched a new onshore wind investment opportunity.

The ethical funding platform is offering securities worth a total of £2.9 million, the proceeds of which will be used to refinance a 1MW portfolio of eight operational wind turbines located on farms in the North of England.

The turbines are owned by E2 Energy and are all receiving the Feed-in-Tariff subsidy.

The minimum possible investment is £5 and the company promises an effective annual return of 5% over a 16-year period.

Bruce Davis, Managing Director of Abundance Investment, said: “For the first time in two years, we’re delighted to bring our customers a wind energy investment.

“These are becoming increasingly rare for ordinary investors, with new development stymied by out-of-touch government policies.”

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