New wind turbine tech gets revved up by passing vehicles

Devecitech’s ENLIL technology takes up very little space and can generate wind energy in a number of ways

New vertical-axis wind turbines could power two households a day using wind turbulence created by passing cars.

Devecitech says its 1KWh ‘ENLIL’ devices can turn busy roads and motorways into sources of renewable energy by using channels of wind pushed by speeding vehicles, as well as natural breezes, to spin their blades.

It features a solar panel to power temperature, humidity, wind and carbon dioxide sensors, as well as an intelligent ‘internet of things’ platform to connect with other infrastructure.

It also serves as an earthquake monitoring station, improving the safety of cities in which it is installed.

Due to its relatively small size, the device can be installed in a number of places unsuitable for traditional turbines, such as next to pathways and on the roof of high-rise residences.

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