‘Self-installing’ wind turbine arrives off Spanish coast

Installation costs are expected to be reduced by 30% to 40% compared to existing solutions

New 6MW offshore turbine arrives in UK for testing

GE’s Haliade-150 nacelle will be tested at a facility in Blyth, Northumberland

Giant 12MW turbine breezes into town

General Electric has unveiled its new 12MW wind turbine, which it says will be at the forefront of the next generation of offshore renewable energy technologies

Serbian wind project takes shape

The largest wind energy project in the Western Balkans is taking shape. Global Wind Service (GWS) will install large numbers of GE Renewable Energy turbines at the 158MW Čibuk 1 wind farm in Serbia. The group is also in charge of deploying and operating cranes at the site. Pre-assembly started at the end of last […]

Gas turbine project in Iraq secures $211m UK funding

UK Export Finance (UKEF) is to provide $210.8 million (£148.9m) to help General Electric (GE) Global Services secure a landmark gas turbine contract in Iraq. The project will upgrade and repair existing turbines across 10 sites to deliver an improved and secure power source, able to generate 6.5GW of capacity and powering millions of homes across […]

Siemens Gamesa supplies 500MW offshore wind site

Siemens Gamesa is to supply its latest 8MW turbines to an offshore wind project in France. The 500MW Saint Brieuc project off the coast of Bretagne will use 62 of the structures, which have blades nearly 82 metres long. Their large size allows them to sweep across an 18% larger area and generate up to […]

German renewables go sky high with ‘tallest turbines’

New wind turbines, said to be the tallest in the world, have gone online in Germany. Max Bögl Wind AG’s four turbines make up the pilot stage of a larger renewable energy and storage project in Gaildorf, near Stuttgart. Each year, the four turbines are each expected to generate more than 10GWh of electricity, enough […]

First radial steam turbine fixed outside Europe

A radial steam turbine has been successfully repaired in North America for the first time. Swiss engineering firm Sulzer has refurbished and rebuilt a Canadian pulp manufacturing plant’s 25MW Stal Laval radial steam turbine without having to ship it to Europe, where turbines of this type typically have to be sent for repair. Compared to […]

GE Renewable Energy unveils giant turbine

GE Renewable Energy has unveiled its largest onshore wind turbine. The new 4.8MW turbine has a 158-metre rotor diameter, which it claims offers a significant improvement in annual energy production. It adds the combination of a large rotor and tall towers – at 240 metres – enables the turbine to take advantage of higher wind […]

New 9MW wind turbine breaks generation record

A new 9MW offshore wind turbine has broken the sector’s energy generation record. MHI Vestas’ new V164 prototype is an upgraded version of the company’s 8MW turbine that can generate extra power under ideal conditions. The turbine, which is claimed to be the most powerful in the world, is located at Østerild in Denmark. It generated a […]