This saucy new seaweed packaging should kelp reduce waste!

The government has announced £4m of new funding to support 11 innovative waste-reduction projects

Big Zero Report 2022

An innovative project making sauce sachets out of seaweed is among 11 waste-reduction projects that have won a share of £4 million of new government funding.

London-based Skipping Rocks Lab aims to replace single-use plastic condiment sachets with cheap and biodegradable seaweed.

Other winners include Ichthion, which is developing technology to filter out plastic waste from the UK’s waterways with a boat-mounted vacuum, as well as Axion, which is working to recycle plastics like car bumpers and motorcycle helmets into plastic pellets for moulding into new products such as bins or cables.

Business and Energy Secretary, Greg Clark, said: “Companies are capitalising on the UK’s world leading research base to develop products that tackle the global scourge of plastic waste while grasping the business opportunities found in the green economy.

“When you combine Britain’s leadership, innovation and determination it is an unbeatable combination – exactly what our Industrial Strategy and Green GB Week are supporting and encouraging.”

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