Eggs-cessive amount of Easter choccy packaging

The average proportion of chocolate to cardboard, plastic and foil in many Easter eggs is 3:1

UK firms saved £100m from the bin!

Businesses saved more than £100 million on food waste between 2012 and 2015. The achievement came as 50 retailers and manufacturers fought to achieve the ‘Courtauld Commitment 3’ (CC3) green targets. Waste charity WRAP developed and managed the CC3 agreement on behalf of the UK Government and established a group of businesses, sector bodies and food redistribution organisations to share their knowledge and experiences. […]

Britain needs ‘consistent waste system to boost recycling’

A more consistent waste management system is needed to improve Britain’s recycling rates. That’s according to a new report from the Green Alliance Circular Economy Task Force (CETF), which suggests leaving the EU will give Britain an opportunity to set up a more cohesive, fair and effective set of policies for dealing with rubbish. It suggests the […]

New packaging can join food waste in the compost!

A UK company is offering 100% compostable catering products and food packaging. Vegware’s low carbon products are made from renewable materials and can be recycled alongside food waste, solving the problem of not being able to recycle food-contaminated plastics. So far this year, the company has already saved more than four million kilograms of carbon and prevented around three and […]

Food sector cuts waste by 80,000

The food industry has reduced waste by 80,000 tonnes against 2012 levels. That’s a 3.9% reduction of carbon emissions, according to new figures released by waste prevention body WRAP. They cover the efforts of retailers such as Asda and Waitrose which have voluntarily signed up to the Courtauld Commitment – a set of targets for slashing waste. The goals include the reduction […]

Retailers squish packaging waste – slightly

High-street shops have touted their progress in cutting the amount of packaging they used in 2013 by 16,000 tonnes (16 kilo tonnes). That’s a drop of 0.6% from 2012 according to new figures released this week by waste prevention body WRAP. They cover the efforts of roughly 50 retailers such as Asda and Waitrose which are signed up to the Courtauld […]

£7bn worth of waste produced by grocery sector

The UK’s grocery and food manufacturing sectors produce £6.9 billion worth of food and packaging waste every year, a new report has revealed. That represents around 7% of the value of food and drink sales to households, which could be used to increase exports or investments, the government-backed waste advisory agency suggests. The production of […]

Nice package! Tetra Pak trials cartons from sugar cane

Packaging firm Tetra Pak is developing cartons from Brazilian sugar cane. From 2014 it will trial a bio-based plastic made with sugar cane for all Tetra Pak packages made in its Brazilian factories. Up to 13 billion cartons will be made using the plastic, a low density polyethylene (LDPE), which comes from ethylene produced with […]

Millenium Centre, Swansea Uni and hotel join Welsh waste agreement

It sounds like a dodgy version of the old joke – but a hotel, an university and a theatre have all signed up to the Government’s voluntary scheme to cut down on waste. Swansea University, the Millenium Centre (pictured) in Cardiff and Llandudno’s Empire Hotel agreed to waste body WRAP’s Hospitality and Food Service Agreement […]

China’s plastic bag ban ‘saves 6m tons of oil’

A plastic bag ban launched five years ago in China has helped the country save six million tonnes of oil, Chinese media reported. It has also helped cut the use of plastic bags by more than two thirds, equivalent to around 67 billion as more consumers are using reusable cloth-made bags, reports claim. China banned […]