Government offers £2m in new grants for green transport startups

Battery cooling and portable charging solutions are among the awarded projects

Global innovators invited to bring climate-smart cooling solutions to India

Innovations sought include refrigerated warehousing, space conditioning for packaging and sorting, inter and intra-city mobile cooling solutions for pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive goods

Welsh Government and Ford plug in £1.8m for low carbon vehicle innovation

The Ford Low Carbon Vehicle Transition Fund seeks to address strategic industrial technical challenges associated with low carbon vehicles and encourage businesses to move beyond manufacturing internal combustion engines

UK opens new £105m advanced materials research and innovation hub

The Henry Royce Institute Hub building hosts state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for sustainable materials, metals processing, digital fabrication and biomedical materials research

EU invests €122m to help bring low carbon technologies to market

Technologies including hydrogen, energy storage and renewable energy will be supported, with the aim of deploying them in energy intensive industries

US-Canada to co-operate on accelerating clean energy transition

A new study to help inform grid planners, utilities, industry, policymakers and other stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities that come with adding large amounts of renewables to the power system has also been launched

Scottish uni granted £20m to set up new hub to drive UK industrial decarbonisation

The Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre will be tasked with identifying and researching opportunities to reduce costs, risks, timescales and emissions

New York launches $10m carbontech development initiative

The economic opportunity of expanding the carbontech market to industries not yet served by it, including building materials and consumer products, is estimated to be worth $1tn in the US and $6tn globally

Ofwat announces £40m Water Breakthrough Challenge

It will open on 6th May 2021 and aims to encourage collaborative and innovative initiatives that help tackle the biggest challenges facing the water and wastewater services

Next-gen electric trucks and hydrogen buses secure £54m government funding

The three projects are expected to support nearly 10,000 jobs across the UK and save 45m tonnes of carbon emissions, equivalent to the emissions produced by 1.8m cars over their lifetime