Two-thirds of Scots in rural areas back onshore wind

Both solar power as well as wave and tidal also received backing from 83% of people

Big Zero Report 2022

Almost seven in 10 people living in the rural areas of Scotland support the use of onshore wind energy.

A new poll, which focuses on what Scots living outside urban areas think of renewable developments, also found 22% have no opinion or don’t know and only 11% were opposed to new onshore wind farms.

Both solar power as well as wave and tidal received backing from 83% of people, offshore wind energy was supported by 78% while 69% backed biomass projects.

Around eight in 10 Scots also said the next Scottish Government should continue to develop renewable energy sources.

When asked about fossil fuels, 42% showed their support for new fossil fuel power stations, including coal, gas and oil, or extending the life of existing plants.

Around 31% of Scots in rural areas backed fracking.

Gina Hanrahan, Head of Policy at Scottish Renewables, said: “Not only is onshore wind the cheapest form of new energy, this poll shows it’s also one of the most popular, alongside solar, wave and tidal.

“This poll is just another nail in the coffin for the myth that renewables are unpopular and instead shows that people recognise the economic, social and environmental benefits harnessing our renewable potential can bring to Scotland’s rural areas.”

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