Next-gen tidal turbine washes up in Nova Scotia

Cape Sharp Tidal says its new energy facility aims to make use of the region’s massive tidal potential

EU provides Minesto with €50k wave of funding

The money will be spent on feasibility testing for the firm’s tidal energy technology

UK exported wind and marine energy products to 44 countries last year

The 434 contracts signed were worth up to £7.5m each

Scotland’s wave energy body joins €8m tidal testing project

DTOcean+ is an initiative to develop software to help technology companies trial wave and tidal energy concepts

Marine Hub Cornwall-Marine Energy Wales ink new deal

They will collaborate on areas of common interest and share knowledge and expertise

New rope and cable tech makes waves

A lightweight and long-lasting fibre to connect wave energy devices in the sea has been created. London’s Brunel University invented the connector from Basaltium, which is made of recycled aluminium strengthened by tiny basalt fibres. It was developed by the Experimental Techniques Centre and the Brunel Centre for Advanced Solidification technology. The material is then […]

The clock’s ticking on Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

A giant clock in Swansea city centre has begun counting down the days until the one-year anniversary of the Hendry Review, which voiced support for the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project. The move by Swansea Council aims to highlight the government’s slow pace in responding to the report, which was published on the 12th of […]

Finnish clean energy makes waves in Bali

A Finnish clean energy company is to deliver a 10MW wave energy park in Bali. Wello’s first commercial wave energy park has been ordered by Gapura Energi Utama, an Indonesian infrastructure company. The developer says the facility will produce zero emissions and expects it to be the largest wave energy park in the world. It’s […]

Green bond brings new tide of investment

An ethical peer-to-peer finance platform has launched a green bond for a tidal power firm. Abundance Investment says its offer for investment in Atlantis Ocean Energy will allow ordinary people to directly get involved with tidal power as the innovative renewable technology begins to take off. The bond offer seeks to raise a minimum of […]

Wave power ‘could provide tenth of demand by 2050’

Wave power could provide a tenth of global electricity demand by 2050. That’s according to UK wave technology firm Marine Power Systems (MPS), which suggests with the right support, global capacity could rise to 337GW and hold a market value of £76 billion. The firm says it would provide an estimated 4,000TWh of electricity per year, which would make […]