Global association cements plan to tackle climate change

The World Cement Association aims to help its members improve transparency around the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions

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The World Cement Association (WCA) has set out its plans to contribute to tackling climate change in line with the Paris agreement.

The Climate Change Action Plan outlines measures to help WCA members develop climate protection strategies and best practice.

Cement is said to be the second most used substance on Earth after water, used as the main component of concrete and is produced globally to build housing, bridges, roads and highways.

The industry accounts for around 5% to 6% of global greenhouse emissions.

One of the core elements of the plan is improving transparency around the reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by developing new methodologies and tools for members to monitor and report them.

The WCA also aims to advocate standards and building codes that encourage low carbon solutions and encourage sharing of knowledge among members to accelerate innovation in the sector.

It will regularly update its members about new products and the most relevant worldwide regulatory developments related to climate change – and more specifically, CO2 emissions mitigation.

Bernard Mathieu, Director of the WCA Climate Programme said: “As a global organisation, we believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change effectively requires joint effort. With a membership base representing more than one billion tons of annual cement production capacity, the WCA and its members have the capacity to affect change in pursuing the necessary transition to a low carbon economy at global level.”

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