Renewable jet fuel could see sky-high emissions savings of up to 80%

Sustainable fuel producer Neste suggests the Finnish public are supportive of cleaner aviation

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Renewable jet fuel could see sky-high emissions savings of up to 80%.

That’s according to sustainable fuel producer Neste, which has investigated attitudes to flight-related emissions by surveying more than 2,000 people across Finland.

The results suggest clean aviation fuel is the preferred method of reducing flight-related emissions, with 80% of all respondents considering it an interesting or very interesting option.

Around half of those questioned said that they were aware of emissions resulting from air travel and 52% felt that reducing air traffic emissions was a serious or very serious environmental issue.

Half of the respondents said they were aware air travel with renewable fuel is possible and many consumers said they would accept a price increase up to a fifth to pay for cleaner fuels to be used.

Andreas Teir, Neste’s Vice President for Business Development in Renewable Products, said: “The current year largely determines whether the increase of carbon dioxide emissions from aviation can be halted by 2020.

“Any increase in air traffic must be carbon-neutral after that also, which means that we need to find long-term solutions.”

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